Cappadocia History

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KATPATUKYA which means land of lovely horses was the first known name of Cappadocia given by the Persians(5th.Century B.C.).Other civilizations are as follows; The first settlement of the Neolithic age (7000 BC.) in Cappadocia, Hitites (2000 – 1200 BC), Dark Ages (In the years 1180-775 B.C. Central Anatolia was very thinly populated and occupied by nomadic tribes who presumably left no material traces in their mound settlements.). Next came the Phrygians (750-675 B.C.), The Kingdom of Cappadocia (Hellenistic Age 330-30), The Roman Age (17- 395AD.), The Byzantines (395-1071),The Seljuks (1071-1243), The Mongolian and Turkish Beyliks(1243-1453) and more recently the Ottoman Empire (1453-1923) .
Cappadocia is a region which has been the cradle of many civilizations.This region is world famous with its peerless natural rock formations as well as being rich in history as the settlement location of the early Christians.

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